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Client testimonials

"It was so good to be able to have someone come in and get a true feel for the business and to then create the most impressive promotional materials. From logo designs, to business cards, to prospective folders, to apparel it's all been amazing quality. Thank you for creating our image that all staff and students are proud of."

College of surfing Australia, www.collegeofsurfing.com

"At first we were a little concerned about using an online business to look after all of our screenprinting. As a clothing label the print quality needs to be spot on everytime. We couldn't be happier with the quality printing and product research the Omen Printing team have provided."

Sinister brand apparel

"The guys from Omen screen printing have been great. It's nice to have someone in australia looking after our promotional material so our business doesn’t have to run the risk of looking offshore where you have no quality control over your product."

Beyond doubt clothing

"Omen printing are the most efficient promotional printers I have ever used. Turnaround time was incredible! More than willing and incredibly able to meet design needs. Will definitely be using their services again"

Ryan jones morrison media

"If I require to order more and I am hoping I do I very much look forward to working with you all again, you have been so lovely and kind and supportive and I wanted to say thank you. The project has started in a very positive way and I cannot thank you enough."

Maryanne :)

"Hi Omen Team

Thanks for being super helpful and on the ball. All printing came out perfect and well on time.

Nailed it :)"

Shae Radfordk, TEKNO Group

"Just a quick email to say that the shirts turned out really well and just want to say thanks to you and your team for doing really good job. Really happy about everything. Hopefully everything goes good with my shirts and I'll be looking forward to using you for my next batch of prints. "

Si, Wknd Apparel

"Hi Jess (and Omen team)

The tshirts have arrived today and they look fantastic. I just wanted to say thank you so much for printing these for us, within our short timeframe.

Really appreciate the work you and the team put into this."

Lauren Ferguson, Little Projects


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Artwork Specific Questions

Spot colour screen printing

  • Requires vector artwork files such as Adobe Illustrator (.AI, .EPS, .ART, .WMF.)
  • Macromedia Freehand version MX or earlier (FH11, etc.)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.PDF)
  • Bitmaps are not suitable for spot colour printing.

If you don’t have vector artwork and only have images we offer a re-drawing service that converts your artwork to vector.

What is the difference between an image file (like a jpeg) and a vector file?

Vector files are made up from lines and curves, which can be pulled apart and scaled without losing any quality. Vectors use points as a guide to the shape they make. If you can't pull the parts of your design apart it's an image file like a jpeg or gif, which are used on the Internet.

Will there be a problem with the fonts I have used?

All fonts in your artwork must be converted to outlines or curves. This means the text in your artwork will be read as a shape. This means when we receive your artwork we won’t have any problems tracking down the fonts you have used in your artwork.

What does “convert fonts to outlines” or “embed fonts” mean?

Fonts are not the same on all computers so we need to outline the fonts so that when you send your artwork to other people to view this means the viewer won’t have any issues with their computers finding the correct fonts. Just because you can see a font on your computer screen it doesn't mean that everyone can. Luckily in design programs you will find a function (usually in your Type Tools options or similar) that says Convert Fonts To Outline - or Convert Fonts to Curves. The other option is to embed the font.

How many colours can you print?

We can print up to 6 spot colours or full colour process (mixing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks).

Printing Questions

The difference between Screen Printing and Digital Printing?

Screen printing involves separating the colours in your design, and making screens or stencils of each colour. Then using that stencil to apply ink in layers onto a product. Digital printing takes your design and prints it straight from the computer as you see it.

Tips for print pricing!

Screen printing pricing is based on 3 things.

  1. The number of colours in the print.
  2. The number of prints on the tee i.e. Front, sleeve and back etc
  3. The number of garments to be printed. The greater the quantity the cheaper the print price.

Why do more colours cost more?

The way screen printing works we have to set a screen up for every colour in every print. The more screens the higher the set up costs.

Our Garment suppliers?

Here is a list of the suppliers we can source from. Click to see their online catalogues…

  • Johnny Bobbin - Massive range. Great Price vs Quality, Work wear
  • Gildan - Premium Quality, Basic range. Great Price vs Quality
  • AS Colour - Great Price, Premium Quality
  • American Apparel - Premium Quality and Style, Made in USA, Massive Range
  • Bella - Premium Women’s Range, Great Range (ignore retail pricing)

What artwork file should you supply?

Screen printing “spot colour” work requires a vector image file created in a design program like Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand or Corel Draw. File extensions.AI, .EPS, .PDF, .CDR, .FH(version number).

Note: The file has to be created from scratch in the programs above; you can’t just place a bitmap image and presume that it’s vectorised.

What if I can’t supply a vector image file?

We offer a re-draw service for your bitmap image to be vectorised. We charge $50 + GST/hr for re-draws.

Supplying my own Garments.

You can supply your own Garments. In most cases it is more cost effective for us to supply them for you. You save on postage to us and our good relationship with our suppliers means we are able to provide you with low wholesale pricing. Omen can supply you with a huge range of garment styles.

Omen can design the logo you want printed.

Our talented design team can create the look you are after. From a t-shirt design to a complete corporate image we can give your business, band or organization a professional look to be proud of.

What is the difference between a bitmap and a vector file?

Bitmaps (also called "raster") are made up of pixels, while vector images are made up of points and lines. They can be resized without losing quality. Making a bitmap larger makes you lose quality. Photos are bitmap images, and so are file formats like bmp, jpg, and psd.

Vector images are clear and can be resized as big as you want without losing any image quality. Vector images are created in programs like Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and Corel Draw.

When is a bitmap ok to use!

Bitmap images are ok when you want a full colour print using process CMYK colours. Sometimes bitmap images are ok for single colour prints as long as they are at least 300dpi.